APODViewerLite - Astronomy Picture of the Day App Reviews

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I had this App. For awhile now, And what i like to say, Simple put it : ITS AWESOME !!! just get it.

My best review. Rudyescoto

Yeah right

Really neat

This neat application adds real value to your daily enjoyment of the iPhone & you dont even need to be a geek scientist to get more interested in astronomy.

Unique and compelling app

Checking the Astronomy Picture of the Day is pleasantly addictive, and sure beats goofing around with the keypad like users of less advanced mobile phone technologies!

Better management/search/display than original APOD app.

[Major bug: crashes all purchased apps when soft-booting (as per installation instructions). Until developpers upgrade to compatibility with iPhone v.3.1, one star rating (zero star not possible). Premium app at 4$, should not lag in fixing problem.] --> Disregard this review as is misdirected to "APOD Viewer" - full version

When i updated

I couldnt go to any apod that is a video or gif

Like it!

The explanations and the pictures are great!

Very informative.

I really enjoy the information and the pictures.

Always fascinating!

Its a few moments of fascination, science and beauty to look forward to each day!!

Thank you

I am very happy with this App ,its a grate job from yours , in the morning the first think I open is your App to see what you send for me.

All the nebula pictures

I look forward each day to this exciting daily offering. The nebula pics especially are breathtakingly beautiful. Loved the recent bronze ocean (Titanic) one. The aurora borealis images are amazing. I tweet and Facebook almost all these images to share Eternal Beings glory with the world. Shelley Gilbert, Ossining NY

My morning pick me up

I look forward to this everyday. I get a new photo or video after midnight and it makes me want to go out and sky gaze naked eye, binoculars or telescope. Priceless!!! & I rarely use "!". Also hit "Random" at the bottom of the screen for more eye candy.

Sweet app

Love it look forward to it every day sweet pics

This is the best app ever. It makes me happy

To open it every day.keep up the good work!

Loving this App

I like the updates and the information for each Topic is more then I would imagine - Love to read them

Love this app

I love this app its got beautiful pics and its educational

My favorite connection to the universe!

I spend lots of time outside perusing the heavens with the naked eye. This app brings closeups of the wonders of the universe to us earthbound creatures. Never a dull moment.


This is one of my favorite apps and I have quite a few! The pics r amazing and todays video of the Venus transit was awe inspiring! Keep up the great work!

Lovin space

Awesome pictures to enlighten my day ! Great pictures, explanation of the GREEN FLASH. Im blessed to see this phenomenon most everyday and most people dont believe its exists.. Thank you, We love this App!


Love the pictures but the advertisements plastered across them are extremely annoying.

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