APODViewerLite - Astronomy Picture of the Day App Bewertungen


Bin jeden Tag gespannt auf das Bild des Tages! Jeden Tag gibts super Bilder und eine Geschichte drumrum!


M jcjchchchx

APOD lite

Great app.

Some Absolutely Beautiful Photos...

...but the ads, how intrusive

Great astronomy app

It shows different things that happen everyday in space. Great for an astronomy class'

Loses stars!! Ads are intrusion. Better choices.

This WAS wonderfully done in many ways. It WAS ad-free and had a much better interface than many other APOD viewers. But now the ads clutter the bottom of the screen and the initial image is much too small. (You can double tap it to have it fill the screen, so that's good, but a larger image is needed to begin with.). The fonts and labels are in garish, clashing colors. The screen is far too busy Adding ads to a previously ad-free app is dirty pool. Put out a new app with more features and, if you must, include the ads-- or, even better, because ads are almost always an intrusion, just release an advanced app at a small price. To their credit, they did get rid of the creepy Munch-like icon, although there is now a creepy robot face behind the help text! Much better apps WERE APOD and Twilit Sky. ----------------- Prior Review Notes (I deleted the new version of the app after seeing the ads, so I don't know if the things I mention here have changed.) This free version saves the photos, but they're low-res, fuzzy. I was tempted to upgrade to the paid full version, but a review of it said it had the same problem!! Also wish that there'd be a way of having the photo automatically resize to full screen without having to pinch zoom! You should be able to tap the photo and it would fill the screen.

Not working properly

The app has not been working properly for several weeks.

Not receiving pictures

For the last two weeks I have not recieved images!

Beautiful educational App

This is one of my favorite Apps. I look forward to it each and everyday. It is a great way to get my 12 year old son interested in Cosmology physics and science in general. The cliche of a picture is worth a thousand words definitely applies to this App.

Eye Candy

This is one of the very few apps that I use (or view) daily. Love it!


Really love this app


I look forward to learning more about our universe from the APODViewer every day. The explanations of the awesome daily photos are great. To be able to look at deep space photos along with explanations using this IPOD app is wonderful.

A favorite

This app has glorious photos and has opened my eyes to the beauty of the celestial world. The amount of information is astounding but tangible for an adult neophyte. Kudos to astrophysics and astronomers and the folks that made this app.

Difficult app

I am 12 and this is a very hard app yo use and i am trying to study for a test

APOD lite

Great app.


Of all the apps I've gotten since I upgraded to a smart phone, this is, by far, my favorite app! I get my apod with my coffee every morning like clockwork. I highly recommend it with no complaints what so ever!!! Get it!!!


Been enjoying it the last few nights I have had, love it love the pictures and all the information 5 stars still learning all the buttons, thanks

Good app

Very good app happy with it.

Just go to the apod website

Let's make an ad based app for all public ad-free websites!!!! Costs us nothing and we make money! Yay, all NASA images are public domain so they can't sue us for copyright violation either!

Apod lite

Love it! It's the first thing I do every morning.

Fun guy

Super great fun time free app

Very educational for anybody that wonders about the universe !!!

Great pics from the Hubble telescope, the moon ,the space station and different countries on earth are very educational for anybody that likes to learn about the wonders of this world !!! Just the constant app. Advertisement screws some of the pictures up !!! Other than that , very nice !!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm sure this used to be a great app back in prehistory, but lack of support for iPhone 5 screen size, no monthly thumbnails view, old clunky design and ads (ouch! for a public service!) makes it truly obsolete...


Some great photos from space and the ground. Well worth the price.


I've had this App for several years & although I don't visit every day, I always end up spending a long time catching up. The images are breathtaking and the explanations informative. Absolutely fabulous!!


Sweet App...love all the info...especially all the Wonderful pictures of places we could only imagine about!...much love

Absolutely Fabulous!

I love this app! I look forward to it every day and am astounded with the beauty if the universe we live in! Thank you for sharing space with us...

Educational and stunning

This is the one app I reach for every day because I want to, not because I need to. The images are stunning and the descriptions educate and often lead me to seek more information. APOD light helps me keep on learning every day.

Not much to say but....

Very interesting and lots of information and of course, always beautiful to look at! The imagery range dates back to 1995 I believe but don't quote me. If you start looking back in time you might realize a few images are repeats just taken from different angels or cameras. I really like this app and the updates are daily of course!


It is Austral, not Austrian.


Beautiful pictures, good information I enjoy opening up your app every day thank you


Very interesting ap


Anyone can take a great picture, even somehow using their iPhone, but to see such real, natural, time relevant pictures that move your heart as no other can, you must see it to believe it. Clarity, Beauty, and right from the source. I recommend this app to any and all, whether you are a lover of the galaxies, science, astronomy, or even if you need a little nudge saying you're not alone. This is the app for you. Other than a picture of a newborn child, a long lost friend or family, no other has this affect. It has the Awe Factor, and I will be sharing with all my friends and loved ones. It's one app you can't do without!

One of my favorites!

I look forward to a the next picture every morning!

Curiouser and curiouser!

Thank you NASA you are our only hope!

the world is great.....

Thank u for let us know about the world is great thank u .........


Consistently high quality photos and videos. Intriguing science. You should add AirPlay to the app.

Always interesting.

I am so glad i discovered this app. I look forward to seeing & reading it every morning.

Joshua reeves

I love this app definitely worth the time and effort to download if you love learning about the universe seeing images and wondering what else could be out there you will love this app I highly recommend it

Very interesting

Live seeing the universe and learning more about it!!!


Breathtaking pics & info!

Awe Inspiring!

One of my favorite apps. The pictures are so incredible they are indescribable. I have another app that shows beautiful and unusual space pictures but this one is my favorite because they tell you about what you are seeing-how it was formed, why it looks the way it does, ect. So you get a mini space/science/astronomy lesson also. LOVE IT!!!!

Daily special worth it. Nice

Comes with daily pic and something to learn every day. Take to work and tell others!


Love the pictures but the advertisements plastered across them are extremely annoying.

Lovin space

Awesome pictures to enlighten my day ! Great pictures, explanation of the GREEN FLASH. I'm blessed to see this phenomenon most everyday and most people don't believe it's exists.. Thank you, We love this App!


This is one of my favorite apps and I have quite a few! The pics r amazing and today's video of the Venus transit was awe inspiring! Keep up the great work!

My favorite connection to the universe!

I spend lots of time outside perusing the heavens with the naked eye. This app brings closeups of the wonders of the universe to us earthbound creatures. Never a dull moment.

Love this app

I love this app it's got beautiful pics and it's educational

Loving this App

I like the updates and the information for each Topic is more then I would imagine - Love to read them

This is the best app ever. It makes me happy

To open it every day.keep up the good work!

Sweet app

Love it look forward to it every day sweet pics

My morning pick me up

I look forward to this everyday. I get a new photo or video after midnight and it makes me want to go out and sky gaze naked eye, binoculars or telescope. Priceless!!! & I rarely use "!". Also hit "Random" at the bottom of the screen for more eye candy.

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